'Christmas In Solitude'

Where we are producing a series of 10 images each on how the British public wants Christmas to be as normal as possible but in the light of the current health pandemic the usual celebrations are not certain and families wonder how they will celebrate the Christian festival and what Christmas will look like...


I and Helen are University of Kent Graduates in Photography and we are showing how distorted the vision of Christmas looks in the winter of 2020


So please join us from 12 December 2020 to 5th January 2021 on the virtual online photographic exhibition on Instagram...

Eleanor Crook

These images are how Christmas looks like in Ashford Kent because families put them up early to cheer people up because of what a horrible year we have all had due to the coronavirus 19, we all need a little cheer up. so these images are of how families portray their Christmas this year out of focus or focused and more organized.

Helen Kirk

These Images look at how much this year's events have meant that many celebrations and festivals from all faiths have been canceled. But Christmas is back on. Whether you spend it with your family, a small group of friends or alone, these images look at Christmas through teary eyes as many spend it in solitude as we continue through uncertain times into 2021.

"Iv'e Done this for my grandson, it's been a horrible year and this will cheer him up". - Helen Kirk